Episode 57 - Glenn Kelman

Innovating and Evolving: Redfin’s Journey with Glenn Kelman

Real estate agents keen on staying ahead in the real estate industry will find the latest episode of Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered a must-listen. Hosted by James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson, this episode features Glenn Kelman from Redfin Real Estate News. Here’s a breakdown of the game-changing insights shared.

The Real Deal with Real Estate Prices and the Housing Cartel

The discussion highlights concerns about artificially inflated real estate prices due to potential housing cartels limiting construction. Many in the real estate market have felt the impact, especially when navigating real estate listings on a budget.

Embracing Real Estate Technology: AI to the Rescue

Glenn Kelman unveiled plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into Redfin’s platform. The goal is to automate customer queries, making it easier to identify real estate for sale. However, the challenge remains in teaching AI when to involve human real estate agents for a more personalized touch.

Investing in Real Estate: Smart Moves for the Future

For those eyeing real estate investing, the episode offers valuable advice:

  • Real Estate Investing for Beginners: Begin with a small focus and understand real estate market dynamics.
  • Real Estate Financing: Explore different real estate financing avenues to find the best fit.
  • Real Estate Taxes: Stay updated on real estate taxes to optimize returns and prevent surprises.

What distinguishes Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered from other real estate podcasts or real estate blogs is its candid and unfiltered approach. Conversations with industry experts provide insights not typically found in real estate books or real estate courses.

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