Episode 40 - Brooks Landry

Content Creation: The Do’s and Don’ts

James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson sit down with Brooks Landry, the Owner and CEO of Content Drip. Together they discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on content creation, innovative strategies for real estate professionals, including “digital farming” and the use of QR codes in physical mail for interactive client engagement. 

The AI Revolution in Content Creation

AI’s Role: Brooks emphasized that while AI, like ChatGPT, handles a significant portion of content creation (approximately 70%), it cannot replace the authenticity and unique voice that human intervention brings.

Authenticity Matters: Keith shared his experiences detecting a difference in tone when emails are generated using AI. Brooks underlines the importance of authenticity, a crucial element in connecting with clients and creating meaningful content.

Expert Tips for Real Estate Professionals

As real estate agents, you’re always on the lookout for strategies to enhance our business. Brooks shared valuable insights and tips:

Digital Farming: Brooks introduced the concept of “digital farming,” a blend of digital and physical strategies. He suggests incorporating QR codes in physical mail, creating an interactive experience for clients. This innovative approach aligns with the changing landscape of real estate marketing.

Thumb Mail: An intriguing term coined by Brooks, “thumb mail,” involves using QR codes in physical mail to lead recipients to video content. This seamless integration of physical and digital channels adds a personalized touch to marketing efforts.

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