Episode 67 - Kyle Scheele

Harnessing Creativity and Inspiring Innovation

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What does building centaur bikes, creating fake marathons, and having a passion for bird feeding have to do with real estate? In this episode, find out how embracing crazy ideas and taking risks will create a big impact. Joining us in this episode is public speaker and author, Kyle Scheele. Known for his viral marketing ideas and creative ventures, Kyle shares his journey from chasing crazy ideas to becoming an internationally renowned speaker and author. This episode dives into the power of creativity, the importance of storytelling, and how to harness these elements to foster innovation.

Whether you’re in real estate or any other field, Kyle’s experiences and tips on tapping into your creative potential are invaluable.

Learn more about Kyle by visiting his site kylescheele.com

Check out the books he’s written by following this link.

Watch the hilarious Centaur Bike video here.

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