Episode 47 - Diego Sanchez

NAR in the Eyes of the Real Estate Industry: Where Do They Stand?

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On this episode of Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, James and Keith are joined by special guest Diego Sanchez from HWMedia. With a pulse on every nuance of the housing industry, Diego shares how they aim to dominate media coverage across the real estate ecosystem. Hear straight from these industry insiders about the whispers of innovation and disruption waiting just around the corner. From remote digital notarizations to the value debate of a buyer’s agent, they strip it all down. 

Diego also gives his thoughts on how NAR didn’t represent their argument that well during the lawsuits and how they could have simplified it. The rapid-fire segment explores the gritty truths of trade associations, while a frank discussion about industry giants like Rocket Mortgage and BetterHome reveals the stark realities shaking the foundations. Be prepared to refine your pitch, discover how to enhance transaction smoothness, and unpack the critical role of real estate agents in a shifting digital landscape.

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