Episode 44 - James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: 2023 Real Estate Recap & Predictions for 2024

James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson delved into their unfiltered conversation, recapping the surprises of 2023 and unveiling their predictions and plans for the promising year ahead. If you’re a real estate agent seeking valuable strategies, this is your backstage pass to the wisdom of industry insiders. 

2023 Recap: An Industry in Flux

Election Blues: James and Keith kicked off the year expressing concern about the election and the state of our nation. Their candid discussion mirrored the sentiments of many in the real estate industry who grappled with uncertainty during these times.

Powell’s Pivot: The hosts delved into the unexpected pivot by Uncle Powell, referencing Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. In just 14 days, he went from dismissing rate reductions to singing love songs to the financial markets. This abrupt change left everyone, including our hosts, both surprised and intrigued.

Settlement Predictions: James boldly predicted a settlement in the real estate industry. Despite ongoing copycat litigations, he emphasized the need for a national settlement to bring about positive change and better representation for our society.

Market Surprises: Keith’s surprise pick for 2023 was the real estate market. He anticipated positive results for those steadfast and focused on running their real estate businesses like, well, businesses. His optimism resonates with agents looking to grab market share in 2024.

The Real Estate Crystal Ball: 2024 Predictions

F-Bombs Forecast: In a playful banter, the hosts predicted how many F-bombs James would drop in the upcoming year. A light-hearted way to wrap up their reflections on the past and anticipation for the future.

Authenticity Matters: Both hosts stressed the importance of authenticity in the real estate industry. James expressed frustration with the negative narratives surrounding a class-action lawsuit, emphasizing the need for genuine conversations about the industry’s challenges.

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