Episode 61 - Tim Dain

Balancing Real Estate Data Privacy and Information Sharing

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On this episode of Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, Tim Dain, President and CEO of NorthstarMLS joins James and Keith to share his experience after attending the Minnesota School of Law “open forum” regarding the NAR settlement. He was one of few in attendance from the real estate industry, mostly surrounded by class action lawyers, attorney generals and others who want to file further legal claims to regulate the business. In addition, hear his insights on leveraging big data, such as knowing the serial number of every appliance in the home and what could you do with that information to enhance consumer experiences and the future of the MLS.

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View the Commission and Compensation Study done by Bright MLS about steering in the industry. And check out a breakdown of that study with our previous episode The True Value of the MLS.

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